photographers - releases - copyrights..etc

Dick Waterman
Fri May 9 16:18:15 EDT 2008

 I am sure that Dick Waterman could give a definitive answer here but I don't 
think you are in the clear. It seems to me that if you say, took a picture of 
Mick Jagger and then tried to sell it you *might* not have a problem but make 
a T-Shirt and I believe you have crossed some line where you are trading on a 
name and lawyers will pick your bones and confiscate your firstborn. 
(Assuming you haven't gotten permission from the Mickster)

The short version of the long story is that you CANNOT profit from a person's image as a professional.

Mick on the sidewalk out side of a club if fine.

Mick on stage is NOT OK.


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