PLAYLIST: May 5th, 2008

Mon May 5 12:48:25 EDT 2008

PLAYLIST: # 1 at & at WFDU in the NYC
PLAYLIST: - Still # 1 in Blues @ !
And the blues is alright in the NYC area as now the Sounds of Blue is
the most pledged to radio program at WFDU, which offers a wide-range
of diverse programming. Plus the Sounds of Blue shattered the 20+
year all-time record at WFDU for pledges, by bringing in almost
$20,000 in donations, 20% of the station's entire goal!
Check out Bob Putignano, & 1 with Bob P. & Bob Weir making comments about
Martin Scorsese's "Lightning In a Bottle" (Intro) (Gatemouth Brown) (Solomon Burke & Bob
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The Sounds of Blue is the most listened Blues radio program at
To listen, go to:
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Todays broadcast features birthday tributes to: Greg Piccolo (57,) Thelma
Houston (65,) Johnnie Taylor (70,) Jimmy Ponder (62,) Dave Mason (62,) Ron
Carter (71,) Bob Seger (63,) and so much more!
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Playlist are available at: http://www.Soundsof
And for todays playlist go to:\
Or scroll down below for the complete list of all that was played
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-This 3 hour show will air 2 times daily starting today at 3pm and
-will be repeated at 5:30am (eastern times)
-Additionally the Sounds of Blue Wednesday also airs at the same link at 3:00pm & 5:30am
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-Bob Putignano's reviews and articles are now appearing in Blueswax
-Upcoming interview articles by Bob Putignano are in depth in-person
interviews that will feature; Jerry Wexler, The 2008 New Orleans Jazz Fest,
The 2008 Crawfish Fest.
+ CD reviews coming too;  "Stax Does the Beatles," "Soulsville Sings
Hitsville," Eric Clapton's 2007 Crossroads, Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Solos,
Sessions, and Encores, The Zen Blues Quartet, and The Cosimo Matassa Story
box set.
++ Coverage of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
Check out It's free! Or for a complete list of reviews
go to:
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every Monday & Wednesday!
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A very big thank you to
who selected The Sounds of Blue as one of their <8> best radio
stations for 2006, and as DJ of the month for October.
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Bob Putignano's Sounds of Blue is now the most listened to station
at WFDU with over 114,000 listeners in the NYC area via WFDU-FM
89.1, and streams live at every -Every Monday from 6-
9am & Wednesday from 9am-1pm
Re-broadcasted at:
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And at "Sounds of Blue" is now <# 1 > most listened to
blues program, <29th> overall genres, with over <1,850> internet
listeners who have selected the "Sounds of Blue" as their favorite
preset station, at
-There are over 10,000 stations broadcasting at
To listen to the Sounds of Blue- click:
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*Artists CD submissions for airplay- snail mail to:
Bob Putignano 134 Overlook St. Mount Vernon NY 10552 or email Bob at:
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***Are you a musician or band looking for nationwide radio
airplay? For more info email:
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Top New Spins (Recent Releases) for May 5th
Artist Spins CD Title Label
-Clarence Spady 2 Just Between Us Severn
-Dianne Reeves 1 When You Know Blue Note
-Kenny Neal 1 Let Life Flow Blind Pig
-Eric Byrd 1 Brother Ray
-Mike Morgan 1 Stronger Everyday Severn
-Dave Specter 1 Live in Chicago Delmark
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The Entire 3 hour Sounds of Blue for May 5th
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Artist Track Name CD Title Label
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6:00am Flashback Hour: More Hallucinations on Wednesday 10-11:00am
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-Colosseum Stormy Monday Colosseum Live Sequel
-Dave Mason (birthday #62) Dear Mr. Fantasy Dave Mason & Jim Capaldi Live Castle
-Dave Mason (birthday #62) Look at You, Look At Me Dave Mason Certified
Live Sony Import
-Dave Mason (birthday #62) Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave Alone
Together Blue Thumb-MCA
-Colosseum Lost Angeles Colosseum Live Sequel
-Dave Mason (birthday #62) Waitin' On You Alone Together Blue Thumb-MCA
-Dave Mason (birthday #62) Walk to the Point Dave Mason & Cass Elliot Blue
-Dave Mason (birthday #62) All Along the Watchtower Live at Perkins Place
-Cal Collins (birthday #75) Blues On My Mind The Concord Guitar
Celebration Vol.1 Concord
-Greg Piccolo (birthday #57) I Can Do This All Night Long Heavy Juice Fantasy
-Clarence Spady I'll Go  Just Between Us Severn
-Luther Kent Blues of the Month Club Louisiana Live
-Clarence Spady E-Mail Just Between Us Severn
-Thelma Houston (birthday #65) Brand New Day A Woman's Touch Shout
-Dianne Reeves Today Will Be a Good Day When You Know Blue Note
-Ron Carter (birthday #71) Blues Farm Blues Farm CTI
-Kenny Neal Let Life Flow Let Life Flow Blind Pig
-Bob Seger (birthday #63) Tryin' To Live My Life Without You Nine Tonight
-Johnnie Taylor (birthday #70) Doing My Own Thing Lifetime Fantasy
-Thelma Houston (birthday #65) To Know You is to Love You I've Got the
Music In Me Sheffield
-Jimmy Ponder (birthday #62) Jump Jump Muse
-Mike Morgan Where's The Love Stonger Everyday Severn
-Johnnie Taylor (birthday #70) Cheaper to Keep Her Lifetime Fantasy
-Eric Byrd Watch Them Dogs Brother Ray
-Dave Specter Boss Funk/Riverside Ride Live In Chicago Delmark
-Thelma Houston (birthday #65) I've Got the Music In Me I've Got the Music
In Me Sheffield
-Thelma Houston (birthday #65) Got to Get You Into to my Life I've Got the
Music In Me Sheffield
-Thelma Houston (birthday #65) I've Got the Music In Me (reprise) I've Got
the Music In Me Sheffield
-Crusaders Scratch  <closing theme> Scratch  Blue Thumb-MCA

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