Fred Dabney
Sun May 4 18:23:27 EDT 2008

>I went by Borders Books the other night to pick up something frivolous to 
>read (Terry Prachett's "Thud!", I love his stuff.) and went into total 
>shock over what was happening to the music section. Somehow I missed the 
>news that they were phasing out their music section, or I was just in 
>denial. Some months ago they radically shrunk their blues section but to 
>see it down to a few dozen CDs was very depressing. And as I understand it, 
>once those are gone, that's it. All over. I guess this is just the sign of 
>the times while the music business shifts its methodology. Still its sad 

We don't have a Borders here in Las Cruces, but we do have a Hastings
and a Barnes and Noble.  Hastings is a hit-or-miss sort of  place but that's
where I go to buy my science fiction and fantasy, as well as checking
on magazines.  It's much easier to get out of than B&N due to traffic

I totally agree about Pratchett, except I wouldn't call his work "frivolous"
as there is often a serious undercurrent to his work.

There is something about British humor (humour?) writing that we just
can't quite match, and of course their radio and tv is just as funny and
just as off-center.

But I still prefer American jazz and blues...

Fred D. 

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