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 I saw a "special" once on Clapton in which they interviewed Granny Clapp. At 
one point she said "He's a blues man really".

On Saturday 03 May 2008 16:53, E. Willett wrote:
> I've been know to fall into the Snob category.  A friend of mine on in
> Calif. can't believe I wouldn't drive 20 miles to go see Eric Clapton.  I
> said something like "Old British rockers don't do much for me."  I did go
> to the same venue to see Dr. John, however.  Is Clapton good? Undoubtedly,
> but to me he's not a Blues guy.  He's done a lot of Blues, and been a great
> promoter of the genre, but I won't pay big buck to hear his pop-music show.
> George
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