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Sun May 4 04:06:59 EDT 2008

Before I let go of this particularly interesting ( and seasonal :-) thread:
Two things I feel compel to add ...

Firstly: A Totalitarian purist can, (and often is), be below 25 years of age
and ( and often is) be a Blues Rock fan ( or even a Rock fan) such purist
tried to convince me after a show that Gary More (sp? Moore) was the best
contemporary blues musician ( a distinction I personally to distinguish them
from Blues(wo)men ) ... We had a resident SRV is GOD Totalitarian a few
years back ... I know a local "guitar God" weekend warrior (he likes the
music but as Ed Vadas says "if can't bear the idea of living with 200$ a
week, don't even try a full time musical career, expressing your music is
not important enough for you" - I am liberally paraphrasing and MoreJoe will
CERTAINLY correct me if I'm wrong).This guy is convinced and "preaches" that
ALL BLUES ROOTS are tied to Louisinia, his Birthplace of the Blues ... To me
Congo Square and the French teaching sheet music to their slave and
enrolling them in Parrishe's "fanfare" has a more direct filiation with
Urban Jazz then Blues (long time dominance of Brass and Drums, with guitar
mostly in since the 60's the opposite of Blues where guitar, piano and voice
had dominance until Brass "jumped" in the 50's but that ought to be another
thread :-). Another 20-30 guitar slinger, seriously told me that the most
significant BLUESMAN of the 2nd part of the century is Jimi Hendrix. He
deeply believes it, I disagree but gave him a nod with "one of the most
significant guitarist of century" (:-) ...

Secondly: People have to realize that Bigotry / Purism [Puritanism?But I
thought it was a religion? Or is it simply a neologism ?] / Racism is a 2
way street ... It is generally for manichaean simple minds that can only
conceive the world in the form of Good / Evil because they were never taught
( or refused to learn) that Life comes in all shades ... So those Purists
are generally on a sidewalk with a reflecting negating equivalent on the
other side of the streets and they take pot shots at each others like the
Hatfield and the McCoys meanwhile the unsuspecting general mass going their
merry way are sometimes wounded in the cross fire... At which point the
opposing side will go and "save" them to get a new convert ... And open
minded people crawl under the firefights wishing the insanity would stop If
we only could disarm them they would dissolve and their own silliness and
learn that Life is nothing but an asymptote leaning towards Truth ( whether
you call it Universe, God, Allah or Nirvanah)... But again I digress ...

My mean problem with the Obnoxious Purist is that they tend to spread the
virus by polarizing people ... As for the Scholar Purist or for the
Bluesologist they normally know enough to know that there are exceptions to
every rules (and they often know those exceptional characters personally)
and will only cite their taste as what they are: Their personal taste. Since
a person discussing with them often lacks argument or will have their
"classification" scheme shattered by the scholar, their human self-defense
response is: Draw out the gun and shout "PURIST / NAZI" without realizing
that they often are the Purist in the discussion refusing to take the free
education the scholar is dispensing ... They unconsciously chose Bigotry
over Knowledge ... And this, SADLY,  happens in all arenas ...

I just found a very interesting definition of a Fan aka Aficionado aka
From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aficionado#Types_of_fans 
-- /begin/
Characteristics of a fan
Ultras at football match between Hajduk Split and Dinamo Zagreb.There are
certain common characteristics to be found in fans interested in different
topics and that these characteristics influence the behaviors of those
involved in fan behavior (Thorne&Bruner 2006).

Those common characteristics include (Thorne&Bruner 2006):

Internal involvement. Fans focus more of their time and resources intently
on a specific area of interest than a non-fan would, and are not
significantly concerned if non-fans (including family or friends) don't
derive pleasure from the area of interest. Fans usually have a strong enough
interest that small to major changes in their lifestyles are made to
accommodate devotion to the focal object. 

Desire for external involvement - are motivated to demonstrate their
involvement with the area of interest through certain behaviors (attending
conventions, posting online, etc.) 

Wish to acquire - fans tend to express a strong desire to possess material
objects related to the area of interest. 
Desire for social interaction with other fans. This again may take many
forms, from casual conversation, e-mail, chat rooms, and electronic mailing
lists to regular face-to-face meetings such as fan club meetings and
organized conventions. 
There are several groups of fans that can be differentiated by the intensity
level of their level of involvement or interest in the hobby (level of

The likelihood for a subject of interest to be elevated to the level of
fandom appears to be dictated by its complexity. Complexity allows further
involvement of fans for a longer period of time because of the time needed
to work the subject of interest 'out.' It also contributes to a greater
sense of belonging because of the mental effort invested in the subject.
This could be why sci-fi is so popular, some fans feel the need to work out
all the scientific kinks in these programs. One example for Star Trek is
that a group of fans designed blueprints for federation starships.
-- /end/

That's it BLUES-L is a fan list (:-) and what a more complex topic than
trying to define the music we love that exists in Reality with words that
exists only in our inner minds ...

Keep on Lovin' them Blues!

PS Anyone knows of "Concise Writing for Dummmies" I can get ?

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Objet : Re: Purists

Eric writes (and fumes from beneath a blanket of asbestos fibres)
>>"purists are interiorly insecure people who
think that convincing other people , or rather: CONVERTING other people to
the point of view ( i.e. opinion) makes them more TRUTHFUL "<<<

I don't see where that applys to anything.  The few self 
proclaimed "purists" in here have so far only announced that they like what 
they like and are not especially trying to convert anyone that I can tell.  
The early styles still appeal to us is all it is.  Somebody asks what do 
you think of Rockaday Johnny's blistering high volume blues solo and I must 
honestly say, "Ya know, he's pretty good but he plays too much and too loud 
for me." 

And I generally get this response from them, "Well you must be a blues nazi 
then.  Living in the past blah, blah blah...narrow minded s.o.b.....old 
style a**hole....yaketty yakyakyak gahhh....you don't support the music...3 
1/2 minute songs are too short....etc.etc."  

Pretty messed up deal if you can't answer honestly ain't it?

>From the way this is going you'd think that the early stuff had been 
removed completely from the blue label.  And maybe it should be, as it 
doesn't sound much at all like what they call blues today. I don't know 
what to call it though other than "The Music That Must Remain Nameless So 
As Not to Offend Anyone."

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