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The  notion of being a purist can cover more than one situation...

I was  recently told that one well known member of the blues community felt 
that  gender and skin color were the primary indicators of a musician's ability 
to  play 'twue' blues...sad to contemplate that this person isn't alone in 
their  misguided beliefs.  

On the other hand, I suspect everyone has a  core feeling they get which 
tells them 'Now that's blues!'... the opposite  extreme being 'WTF was that?'.... 
I've got no problems with a purist who gets  excited about listening to what 
they truly enjoy.

I personally find  the type of exclusionary purist who only wants to belittle 
as many facets of a  broad and wonderful genre as possible, to not only be 
disappointing, but  completely opposite of my views on life in general.  


A political  writer I will paraphrase said, "A facist is anybody losing an  
argument  to somebody armed with facts."  I listen to what I like.  The only  
real time I consider labeling  is when picking a section of the record  store 
to browse.

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