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Sat May 3 15:19:16 EDT 2008

Eric Paul-Hus wrote:

> First musicians do MUSIC they don't do Blues, Jazz, House, Country ... Even
> in the heyday they were not doing Blues per say, they were playing pop to
> their audience ... Labels come from ... LABELS ( pun intended) i.e.
> Marketeers, very needed to reach the audience ... But by EMPHASIZING to
> convince they often fuzzy the definition ( White Stripes being a
> contemporary blues duo is something that comes to mind) ...

I've said it before, I'll say it again "The music comes first, the 
labels are applied after." But I will also say that labels are 
descriptions and there's a point where the description no longer 
applies. Just don't ask me to point out the exact spot!

> That said, could seem harsh but I do realize that at one point or another we
> ALL ARE, HAVE BEEN and WILL BE someone's purist ... Each time we argue our
> opinion, we are a Purist and a Music Nazi to someone else ( unless she or he
> is a Purist too, then we are a Music Klan) ... 

Yep. I sometimes am called a Purist when I tell some fan that I don't 
like their guitar-god "bluesman" hero. But I like Johnny Winter so 
sometimes the shoe is on the other foot.

> They are also 2 different breeds of purists: The Totalitarian and the Snob

I've had more than one person call me a musical snob but I don't really 
fit that description. I like what I like. Others like what they like. I 
try to live with that. But occasionally I can't keep my opinions to 
myself. Like when some idjit says something like "Eric Clapton is the 
best bluesman ever!" I'm not into bashing Clapton but that statement 
shows a near complete ignorance of the blues. But rather than jumping on 
the person I'd rather say "You should try listening to this ..." Let the 
music do the talking. I'd rather turn them on than turn them away.

Keep on keepin' on ...

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