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Sat May 3 11:07:54 EDT 2008

Eric writes (and fumes from beneath a blanket of asbestos fibres)
>>"purists are interiorly insecure people who
think that convincing other people , or rather: CONVERTING other people to
the point of view ( i.e. opinion) makes them more TRUTHFUL "<<<

I don't see where that applys to anything.  The few self 
proclaimed "purists" in here have so far only announced that they like what 
they like and are not especially trying to convert anyone that I can tell.  
The early styles still appeal to us is all it is.  Somebody asks what do 
you think of Rockaday Johnny's blistering high volume blues solo and I must 
honestly say, "Ya know, he's pretty good but he plays too much and too loud 
for me." 

And I generally get this response from them, "Well you must be a blues nazi 
then.  Living in the past blah, blah blah...narrow minded s.o.b.....old 
style a**hole....yaketty yakyakyak gahhh....you don't support the music...3 
1/2 minute songs are too short....etc.etc."  

Pretty messed up deal if you can't answer honestly ain't it?

>From the way this is going you'd think that the early stuff had been 
removed completely from the blue label.  And maybe it should be, as it 
doesn't sound much at all like what they call blues today. I don't know 
what to call it though other than "The Music That Must Remain Nameless So 
As Not to Offend Anyone."

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