NBC: Message approval

Eric Paul-Hus Blues@CGOCABLE.CA
Sat May 3 07:15:03 EDT 2008

Form Listserv :




Message successfully approved.



SInce it started I wanted to post :

"I am Eric Paul-Hus and I approve this message" (big grin, and a thumbs up
. J )

I just confuse "Approval Message" and "Message Approval" . Must be the
second  language issue again >:^>


While I'm at it, thanks to Maxdog and the owners ( if any other is left J )
for setting this feature,  it gives short fused people the chance to renege
on flaming or posting under an highly emotive state by not clicking on the
approval link . ( I wouldn't refrain but some people might, I'm an optimist


I am gleefully happy about the civil discourse ( compared to some Far West
past and a run in with an "Orange Clockwork" schizo.). The past couple of
years have certainly been the most enjoyable ( with the first few) of my 12
years surfing the BLUES-L wave .


Its volume continue to be a blessing and a curse.. A blessing for all I
learn and read and a curse because so many contributors curtail their
participation for the sheer time it takes to read,  or would be subscribers
that decide not to when confronting with the activity .


BTW I LOVE the new DIGEST format that present each post as an individual
attachment you can copy to your Inbox to save .


Kudos and 1000's thanks to Maxdog  ( and the co-owners if any J )


EPH. "feeling better with the childish joke off his chest".


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