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Fri May 2 21:08:41 EDT 2008

Maybe that's why so few are willing to come right out and admit it--they are no more sure if they are qualified than their detractors are--as that line of which you speak is like a mirage, only visible if you're standing in a certain spot, and even then you sometimes have to squint (or tilt your head, as the RCA pup) to make it out. Then, if you can get someone to come look at what it is that you think you see, the earth moves, the mirage is all but gone, along with some of your credibility.

> Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 20:34:21 -0400
> From: bloozguy@teksavvy.com
> Subject: Re: Purists
>   This whole thing, bear with me, reminds me of discussions around 
> pornography.
>  What is porn? Well, pornography is pretty well what is considered as such by 
> society at the time..."in olden days a glimpse of stocking" and all that. By 
> trying to define a purist you are trying to "nail jelly to a tree" and 
> ultimately asking "What is blues?" just like "What is porn?". It is easy to 
> judge at the extremes but what you are really discussing here is: Where on 
> the continuum do you draw the line? Even, maybe : How wide is that line?  
> Good luck:)

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