A Word From KV

Patrick Hertel bloozguy@teksavvy.com
Fri May 2 20:22:13 EDT 2008

   "Now, during our catastrophically idiotic war in Vietnam, the music kept 
getting better and better. We lost that war, by the way. Order couldn't be 
restored in Indochina until the people kicked us out.
    That war only made billionaires out of millionaires. Today's war is making 
trillionaires out of billionaires. Now I call that progess.
    And how come the people in countries we invade can't fight like ladies and 
gentlemen, in uniform and with tanks and helicopter gunships?
   Back to the music. It makes practically everybody fonder of life than he or 
she would be without it. Even military bands, although I am a pacifist, 
always cheer me up. And I really like Strauss and Mozart and all that, but 
the priceless gift that African Americans gave the whole world when they were 
still in slavery was a gift so great that it is now almost the only reason 
foreigners still like us at least a little bit. That specific remedy for the 
wordwide epedemic of depression is a gift called the blues."

              Kurt Vonnegut - A Man Without A Country

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