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> I'm in a bit of a quandary over this issue.  I like a lot of the newer, younger 
> guys, but I think there's a line where the music isn't Blues any more.  Does the 
> artist saying it's Blues make it so?  

When we formed the Apalachee Blues Society I put a blurb in the bylaws that said something like "for the purposes of the society, blues is defined as music that the artist call blues and the audience accepts as blues." That leaves things pretty wide open in that "What artist?" and "Which audience?" become questions at times. But that was rare. What I was trying to do was head off nasty, society-rending arguments over just what is blues. It meant that at times I had to smile and nod in an official stance when I didn't personally think the music was actually blues. But I think the definition worked  the vast majority of the time. We did some good.

We put it all out there for people to hear, but I made my own personal judgments about what I liked. There's a certain "band" that uses bagpipes in what it claims to be blues that comes to mind. "Sucks" is what came to my mind. Actually "sucks" is what came to almost everyone's mind because they cleared the room! But I did get to hear a lot of great music during my time with the society.

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