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BLUES BEFORE MONDAY: 7:00-10:00 p.m. Sunday with Mark and Gary, the "White 
Bread Blues Boys."  April 27, 2008.  Did a new show with a handful of birthday 
tributes and previewed a couple new releases.

          ARTIST / SONG TITLE / LABEL (A) = album title 
     HOUR 1
1.  Albert King/Born Under A Bad Sign/Stax-Atlantic 
    (A) Watermelon Slim & the Workers/The Wheel Man/NorthernBlues
2.  Watermelon Slim & the Workers/I Know One/NortherBlues
3.  Watermelon Slim & the Workers/Got Love If You Want It/NorthernBlues
4.  Otis Rush/Gambler's Blues (live Wise Fool's Pub)/Delmark
    (A) Various Artists/Chicago, The Blues, Today!/Vanguard
5.  Johnny Shines/Dynaflow Blues/Vanguard
6.  Johnny Shines/Black Spider Blues/Vanguard
7.  Johnny Shines/Layin' Down My Shoes And Clothes/Vanguard
8.  Johnny Shines/If I Get Lucky/Vanguard
    (A) Marcia Ball/Peace Love & BBQ/Alligator
9.  Marcia Ball/Peace Love & BBQ/Alligator
10. Marcia Ball/My Heart And Soul/Alligator
11. Savoy Brown/I'm Tired/Where Am I/Deram
12. Memphis Minnie/Me & My Chauffeur Blues/HOB
    HOUR 2
    (A) Various Artists/Chicago, The Blues, Today!/Vanguard
13. J.B. Hutto/Going Ahead/Vanguard
14. J.B. Hutto/Please Help/Vanguard
15. J.B. Hutto/Too Much Alcohol/Vanguard
16. J.B. Hutto/Married Woman Blues/Vanguard
17. Rod Piazza/Snap, Crackle Pop/Delta Groove
18. Magic Slim/How Many More Years/Blind Pig
19. RJ Mischo/RJ's Back In Town/Challis
    (A) Phil Guy/Say What You Mean/JSP
20. Phil Guy/Say What You Mean/JSP
21. Phil Guy/Have Mercy/JSP
22. Irma Thomas/Heart Full Of Rain/Rounder
23. Etta James/Got My Mojo Working/RCA
    (A) Albert King/The Pinch/Stax
24. Albert King/The Blues Don't Change/Stax
25. Albert King/I'm Doing Fine/Stax
26. Albert King/Nice To Be Nice (Ain't That Nice)/Stax
27. Albert King/Oh, Pretty Woman/Stax
        HOUR 3
    (A) Tab Benoit/Night Train To Nashville/Telarc
28. Tab Benoit/Night Train/Telarc
29. Tab Benoit/Solid Simple Things/Telarc
30. Tab Benoit/Rendezvous With The Blues/Telarc
31. Tab Benoit/New Orleans Ladies/Telarc
32. Tab Benoit/Muddy Bottom Blues/Telarc 
    (A) Kenny Neal/Let Life Flow/Blind Pig
33. Kenny Neal/Let Life Flow/Blind Pig
34. Kenny Neal/Blues Leave Me Alone/Blind Pig
35. Kenny Neal/Louisiana Blues/Blind Pig
36. Kenny Neal/Bleeding Heart/Blind Pig
37. Kenny Neal/Fly Away/Blind Pig
38. Kenny Neal/It Don't Make Sense You Can't Make Peace/Blind Pig

BLUE MONDAY: 6:00 - 7:00 Monday,   April 28, 2008  Hosted by Mark Halverson.  
Played a variety of material from a recent, new, and older release.

            ARTIST / SONG TITLE / LABEL (A) = album title   
    (A) Dave Hole/Rough Diamond/Alligator
1.  Dave Hole/Rough Diamond Child/Alligator
2.  Dave Hole/Yours For A Song/Alligator
3.  Dave Hole/White Trash Girl/Alligator
4.  Dave Hole/Think It Over/Alligator 
    (A) Alberta Adams/Detroit Is My Home/Eastlawn
5.  Alberta Adams/Tired Of Being Alone/Eastlawn
6.  Alberta Adams/Always Home/Eastlawn
7.  Alberta Adams/Long Gone/Eastlawn
8.  Alberta Adams/I'm On The Move - Every Day/Eastlawn
    (A) Various/Blues Classics/MCA
9.  Furry Lewis/Billy Lyons and Stack O'Lee/MCA
10. Jim Jackson/Jim Jackson's Kansas City Blues, pt. 1/MCA
11. Bertha "Chippie" Hill/Trouble In Mind/MCA
12. Memphis Minnie/Dirty Mother For You/MCA
13. The Black Ace/The Black Ace/MCA

BLUES BREAK: Monday - Friday 11:30 - Noon.   Started with Tab, thinking he 
was the most fitting blues artist for Earth Day (the whole "Wetlands" thing).  
His new album was just a couple days away...  Listened to new releases the rest 
of the week, although Thursday's was also a gig plug.  I made the road trip 
to Rochester and saw that gig (Watermelon Slim) at Whiskey Bones.  My first 
trip there.  It is a very nice place, especially as blues clubs go.  Slim put on 
his typical good show.

        ARTIST / SONG TITLE / LABEL (A) = album title 
    (A) Tab Benoit/power Of The Pontchartrain/Telarc
1.  Tab Benoit/Don't Make No Sense/Telarc
2.  Tab Benoit/Shelter Me/Telarc
3.  Tab Benoit/Power Of The Pontchartrain/Telarc
4.  Tab Benoit/For What It's Worth/Telarc
5.  Tab Benoit/One Foot In The Bayou/Telarc
    (A) Big Joe Shelton/Black Prairie Blues/Alt 45
6.  Big Joe Shelton/Ribs And Cat Whiskey/Alt 45
7.  Big Joe Shelton/In Mississippi/Alt 45
8.  Big Joe Shelton/Mississippi Night/Alt 45
9.  Big Joe Shelton/Devil Live In Memphis/Alt 45
10. Big Joe Shelton/Black Prairie Blue/Alt 45
11. Big Joe Shelton/Cat Fish Alley/Alt 45
12. Big Joe Shelton/Can't Come Back/Alt 45
    (A) Watermelon Slim & the Workers/The Wheel Man/Northernblues
13. Watermelon Slim & the Workers/The Wheel Man/Northernblues
14. Watermelon Slim & the Workers/I've Got News/Northernblues
15. Watermelon Slim & the Workers/Black Water/Northernblues
16. Watermelon Slim & the Workers/Newspaper Reporter/Northernblues
17. Watermelon Slim & the Workers/Drinking & Driving/Northernblues
18. Watermelon Slim & the Workers/Truck Driving Mama/Northernblues
19. Watermelon Slim & the Workers/Rattlesnake/Northernblues
    (A) Gregg Juke & the Mighty No-Stars/Blues Power/Blue Buffalo
20. Gregg Juke & the Mighty No-Stars/Wild & Blues/Blue Buffalo
21. Gregg Juke & the Mighty No-Stars/Oh, Well/Blue Buffalo
22. Gregg Juke & the Mighty No-Stars/Unlucky/Blue Buffalo
23. Gregg Juke & the Mighty No-Stars/This Can't Go On/Blue Buffalo
24. Gregg Juke & the Mighty No-Stars/Battle-Ax/Blue Buffalo
25. Gregg Juke & the Mighty No-Stars/Elmwood Shuffle/Blue Buffalo
    MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2008
    (A) Charlie Morris Band/What A Scene!/Blues Pages
26. Charlie Morris Band/Can't Do Nothin/Blues Pages
27. Charlie Morris Band/Swamp Hoe/Blues Pages
28. Charlie Morris Band/No Mo Money/Blues Pages
29. Charlie Morris Band/May Not Be The First One/Blues Pages
30. Charlie Morris Band/Don't Mess With My Monet/Blues Pages

HOST COMMENTS:      For area blues we have in Mankato: Blue Max at 
Morson-Ario tonight (Friday) and at Busters Saturday. At the Sugar Room we have Charlie 
Parr tonight and Johnny Sanders tomorrow.  Geoff Muldar will be doing his 
style of folk/blues at a Bothy event. tonight at the Eagles Club.  It looks like 
Dave Lambert has a standing Sunday gig at Roadhouse 169 in Mankato.  
    Regionally, we have Savoy Brown at Famous Dave's in Minneapolis Saturday 
night and at Whiskey Bones in Rochester Sunday night.  I believe Lamont 
Cranston is at Whiskey Bones tomorrow night.
    Blues Fest season starts (or is that continues?) next weekend with a nice 
one in Fort Madison, Iowa.  Check out: <> for 
more info.

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