since even our purists are open minded...

Dick Waterman
Thu May 1 14:01:39 EDT 2008


Well I'll be're either sharper than you let on, or that was one 
lucky guess!


I had lunch with Bonnie Raitt and Ruth Brown in a fancy place in Washington a few years ago. Ann Richards walked in a joined us. I have to tell you that Bonnie and Ruth suddenly got invisible as people just streamed up to talk to Ann (who was the ex-governor of Texas at the time).

She was funny, sarcastic, witty and in true womenly gossip format, had a nasty word for everybody.

She was an American original.

By the way, she was candid in saying that she flat out underestimated George W. Bush's candidacy against her for governor of Texas. She considered him to be a do nothing rich kid from Midland, Texas, just running on his father's name. Then Karl Rove took over as Bush's advisor and the rest is history.

Dick Waterman


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