since even our purists are open minded...

E. Willett
Thu May 1 10:37:13 EDT 2008

(Let's face it, while SUN Records had recorded black blues artists, it wasn't until they had a white cat who recorded some black blues songs that they hit Paydirt. If it was simply about purity, reason would tell us that the blues music recorded by the innovators (aka African Americans) of it would have been the ones raking in the big dough before the white guys cut their 2nd hand versions.)

    Much of this had to do with exposure, though.  Once the music was on radio the white market became aware of it.  Sure, some label had Pat Boone (yuck! Pooie!) do "Ain't That A Shame", but a lot of folks "found" Fats' version...which is the accepted one these days.

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