In the end, you get want you deserve . . .

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Credit Washington attorney Howell Begle as well as some publicity from
Congression hearings (wasn't it Jesse Helms who said he was a Ruth Brown
fan) and pressure from the likes of Bonnie Raitt for leading Atlantic to
make some payments and also fund the R&B Foundation. Begle especially is to
be thanked for his dedicated, heroic efforts.

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>Ruth Brown's record sales greatly helped launch Atlantic records. After her
>initial fame, she was forced to work for years as a housekeeper on Long
>Island because she did not receive royalties on her recordings. I believe
>Red Foxx helped her get her career back on track years later, and it wasn't
>until much later that the R&B Foundation convinced Ahmet Ertegun to write a
>check to Ms. Brown for at least some of the back royalties owed her. So, as
>good as they were at recognizing talent and making good records, Ertegun and
>Wexler were quite selfish and sneaky.  And while it all may sound like good
>fun and high antics when read in book form,  I'm sure it was hard for the
>singers and musicians on the receiving end to keep smiling when their
>careers faded.  Of course, neither Wexler nor Ertegun had to work as
>housekeepers after starting Atlantic Records.
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>> Mr. Wexler, as a non-player, was involved in a lot of very good
>> music, much of which I have enjoyed over the years.
>> There was another side to Mr. Wexler's activities, i.e.:
>> Wexler maintained that he wasn't aware of the legal clauses that
>> essentially gutted-and-fileted Stax records. I think Mr. Wexler
>> was "The Consummate Businessman", and such folks don't miss things
>> like that. May or may-not have collaborated on authorship.
>> No self-respecting (Blue) Stax-rat will ever forget. You are welcome to,
>> if you so choose.
>> I don't even mean to make that big a thing of it. But I believe it
>> was part and parcel of Mr. Jerry. Perhaps now 100% of the story is
>> more-or-less "out there".
>>  Cheers,
>>  Puddin'
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