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Sun Aug 10 22:57:46 EDT 2008

Well, I finally decided that the only way I was gonna get my lyrics recorded
was to pay for that to happen myself. I figured rather than wasting the
effort and bucks on nothing short of vanity, I would at least try and write
something that might make a difference, and make it as good as I could. So,
here is a PREVIEW of one of the two that Pat Boyack, Sonny Collie, Popcorn
Louden, Dave Boyle (out of Austin, a great keyboard and organ player, not to
mention producer and engineer) and Gregg A Smith performed in the studio. 

We recorded the music at Palmyra Studios deep in the woods near the VERY
small town of Palmer Texas...the least likely location for one of, if not,
the best rooms (big and extremely warm) and boards (a Neve from Abbey Roads)
in Texas. I took them both tunes to Austin yesterday and had the Texas Horns
lay down some horn parts. Here is a sample of "COME ON AND DREAM" with
Andrea Dawson giving what I think is the performance of her life on vocals.
 As Pat told her in the studio, this one was gonna move her up in the diva
marketplace... or something along those lines. It's a feel good sing-a-long
tune, and the horns add a feel of Stax/Vold flavor to it.

In the next couple of days I will try and put up a slice of the super
soulful and funky dance tune DO THE SOUL PRESIDENT.

I'm working to get them both up on iTunes, but there is no fast track for
that, far as I can tell (if anyone knows differently, please feel free to
advise me). I also am working to get this tune in front of the Dem Nat'l
Committee and the Obama campaign, as I fell it would work for both, and
maybe even pop radio if it could catch fire somewhere else first.

If anyone wants to write me and share their thoughts or opinions on the
tune, feel free.

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