The new JOHNNY CHILDS video!!!

Tobias Henderson
Fri Aug 8 21:38:59 EDT 2008

OK, you asked for a judgment based on perceived talent and here it comes. I watched the video from end to end a number of times. The only part of it that had any merit as far as REAL BLUES was the acoustic portion and that was pretty forced. The rest of it tells me that he should possibly pursue a career as a cantor and not as a blues guitarist. Nothing to say, and no voice to say it in. I have been doing this, man and boy for 53 years and the places I learned in and played Johnny Childs would have been thrown out and might well have been physically harmed. The people who needed the Blues played for them back in the 50's were serious folks and they could spot a jive artist from 10 miles away. AND, don't even go where you might. I am a Scot, a Jew, and Texan and I did not play for White folks much until I was damned near 40 years old. The folks who hired me and the ones who came to see me all over the South did not hire me because I was White, they hired me because I was good and had a great band. I am nearly worn out now and nearly done, what with diabetic neuropathy and a bad heart and all those parachute jumps that reduce me to a wheelchair more often than not BUT, I would go and stand up with Johnny Childs anytime. He is cuter but I can lay him down singing and playing guitar. My blues is real. And before you come up in hives, remember that you asked. Where I come from, if you don't want an answer from somebody, then don't ask the question. If Johnny Childs is all you can come up with, I think you ought to pursue another line of work.
TW Henderson
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