SBC: Erik Darling, RIP

Jef Jaisun
Thu Aug 7 18:03:47 EDT 2008

At 02:48 PM 8/7/2008, Dick Waterman wrote:

>Darling was perhaps best known for his hit "Walk Right In" and for 
>his arrangement of the iconic Southern true-crime ballad "Tom Dooley"
>I suppose that one should not make sour comments about the recently 
>departed but . . . I tried to get "Walk Right In" royalties for 
>writer Gus Cannon who was very much alive through all of the 1960s. 
>It turned out and Erik and fellow-Rooftopper Bill Svano (maybe 
>misspelled) had added their names to the copyright and taken over 
>the publishing.
>I hope he got rich rich rich because Gus Cannon got nada and died 
>poor poor poor . . .

I certainly questioned that line about "his hit" when I read it, 
especially after having recently heard Gus Cannon's original on 
satellite radio. Did you approach Darling and Svano directly about 
it? Has there been any subsequent correction that would benefit 
Cannon's estate?


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