Democrats Of Soul session / 8.4.08

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 5 23:38:46 EDT 2008

Hey.   Went so well we can hardly believe it. Seriously. Sharon, aka The
Contessa, heard it and said she had no idea it would sound 1/4 that good.
I'm not sure I did either, though my hopes were leaning that way. As usual,
everyone's mileage may vary.

The cat who owns that church studio in Austin where the TBirds have been
working on their upcoming record came up and played piano and Hammond A100,
as well as taking the reigns as producer. Andrea Dawson sang the positive
message DREAM WITH ME tune, which is more about MLK's dream than anything
else. (It never mentions politics, Obama, and only references Martin's first
name). The rest of the band (which all contributed great ideas to come up
with music to my lyrics), which I am sure will get plenty accolades down the
road, did such a GREAT JOB.... this session was as easily as happening as
any I have been associated with. Maybe more. The band's lineup was Pat
Boyack on guitar, Sonny Collie on bass, and Chuck "Popcorn" Louden on drums.
I should also mention that it warmed my heart that both Mr Boyack and And Mr
Collie would accept no money for this session, (not even gas money to the
studio outside of Dallas a good 40 miles), because as they told me, they
"believe in the cause."

The other tune is DO THE SOUL PRESIDENT, a sort of James Brown meets
Parliament Funk's dance tune. I think I wrote it Sunday, using the first
couple of verses from that MAMA song I had written earlier. Gregg A. Smith,
a local black DJ/singer nailed that sucker, then blew our minds doing his
stacked background vocals. We ended up with an 8 minute extended dance
version (aimed at the emerging "Northern Soul" / Funk crowds), but we'll
probably figure out how to pull a 3.5 or 4 minute radio friendly one out of
it also. We recorded it to digital out at Palmyra Studios in Palmer Texas (a
gorgeous warm room with a Neve board out of Abbey Road studios), and then
dumped all the tracks over to the Austin guy's portable hard drive where he
can get down there to his studio and take all the time he needs to mix it. I
told him to contact John Mills (a great sax player based in Austin) and
whoever he John likes on trumpet to get some punchy rhythm section horn work
dropped on the DTSP track. I am gonna wait to release that last song till
after the election, if he wins it, because to do it any earlier would only
give the GOP conservative radio/tv machine more "he sure is being
presumptuous" ammo. That would only work against my goal.

Overall, maybe the best "bang for the buck" 2 grand I have ever spent. I am
looking forward to sharing DREAM WITH ME with all of y'all soon, and then
the SOUL PRES track after the election. November will probably be here
before we know it, if we all don't get fried before summer is over.

Excuse me, I smell a TShirt coming on...

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