Sean Costello Wasn't About Pleasing The Purists

Tweed irtweed@NETSCAPE.COM
Wed Apr 30 13:07:56 EDT 2008

A purist, to my way of thinking, enjoys pure forms of vernacular music, 
mainly because the styles are original and regionally developed before 
being widespread and homogenized by modern media.  It doesn't matter 
whether the musicians be white, black, brown, or yellow, it's that 
originality factor of hearing something that hasn't been done a zillion 

Being a purist does in no way denote racist or bigoted tendencies.  Being a 
purist only means that you happen to enjoy the music that people in diverse 
rural and urban areas came up with before the record bins put labels on 
everything.  I think you're mistaken Pat.  We ain't bad people.  

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