ANOTHER Man Freed From A Texas Prison by DNA

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 29 21:38:05 EDT 2008

Some of you may recall the DNA Blues Ball back in November, and how I was
telling you that there was a backlog of inmates waiting to have their DNA
tested...and that show was to raise money (and awareness) for testing. Well,
it's with a warm heart that I am able to tell you that major blues fan, and
the Innocence Project of Texas president Michelle Moore, walked out of a
Dallas County courtroom early this morning, raising the arm of the 17th (or
18th, I have read both) man to be exonerated from a wrongful conviction out
of Dallas County using DNA evidence. This one holds the record so far, he
had been in 27 years, and 4 months. This is the 3rd exoneration in Dallas
County (yes, we still lead the nation) since the benefit in November! To
those of you who helped out, thank you again, and again, and again. To read
the details, and see a video clip, go here:

I'd like to also say that with Michelle's track record, she could have
entered private practice long ago--and already been raking in huge
bucks--but she has a heart of gold, and told me some years ago (when I asked
why she stays working as a public defender) that she feels that she just
"cannot abandon her peeps."  I keep looking to see if I can catch a glimpse
of angel wings tucked under her blouse, because I am certain that they are


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