Sean Costello Wasn't About Pleasing The Purists

Tue Apr 29 21:08:20 EDT 2008

>"or hold your nose if you are a card carrying purist
> (though
> like bigots and racists, they'll rarely own up to it in public"

Hmmm...yaz...I'm a sort of a purist I guess.  I mean I like old style 
better than new style.  My name is Tweed, and I am a goddammed purist, but 
I ain't nothin' at all like a rascist nor a bigot and don't see the 
connection there. 

Whew!  Thanks for helping me get that off my chest Chuck.  It's been a 
heavy weight to carry around all these years. 

(Rick Shaw / Lower Sandbar, Fla.)

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