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Patrick Morris pdvmorris@btinternet.com
Tue Apr 29 10:33:11 EDT 2008

That's bunk!  Sorry,Joe, but if one cannot look at the prices they have on the board and know you're in a high priced java joint, then I think you've got a bigger problem than Starbucks nomenclature for simply hot water and bean essence products.   I know that when I go into the local Cafe Nero I'm not gettting some drink that fiddled while Rome got crsipy but I know that for my £1.50 I get a consistent, fine tasting coffee.  If I want to pay or if I can afford that's all there is.  Now, paying half a trillion dollars for a war that is going nowhere now that's crap!  I think someone earlier said they drink the best brew at home, something I'd agree with.  Just some days I venture forth into the world to treat myself to a little pleasure.  I don't find it at Starbucks but to each their own. I am still grateful as theier pay scheme went along way to getting my son through college. Rant over.

Joe Grandwilliams <WORDSMITHNY1107@aol.com> wrote:
1) I don't speak Starbucks. Anyone who calls a small coffee a "tall" 
coffee is perverting the Queen's English (a hanging offence). And we 
won't even discuss the innate snobbishness of "vente" and "grande" - 
just who the fuck do they think they ARE?

They do this to confuse and distract you so you don't realize you are 
paying as much as you do for what they are passing off as coffee.

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