Sean Costello Wasn't About Pleasing The Purists

Walter Potter maxdog-blues-l@COMCAST.NET
Mon Apr 28 18:32:45 EDT 2008

I've seen Sean play numerous times over the years. He kicked butt back 
when he had the Jive Bombers but I think his music became more personal 
and more introspective as the years rolled on. When I first saw him show 
up stripped down to a three piece I was disappointed because the Jive 
Bombers were so good but it didn't take too many songs for me to 
appreciate his new direction. After his death I listened to all of his 
CDs plus a few live recordings and you can hear the change, and yes, his 
music started to spread out from the blues to include a fair amount of 
soul, some rock and some gospel. He could do some great versions of 
Dylan tunes! I'm really going to miss him.

c.n. wrote:
> There's no arguing that Sean Costello, in more than a few circles, was
> rightfully held up as one of the best things to happen to the blues in quite
> some time. That he was a beacon of hope and a sign that the art form / genre
> was in good hands. Hell, even the staunchest/stuffiest purists were firmly
> in his court (as far as I can tell). However, with little or no effort one
> could ascertain by Sean's latest record, and by some of his stage
> performances, that he had decided that he'd rather play whatever the heck he
> wanted to play (borders be damned), more than he was concerned about keeping
> the old curmudgeonly purists in the back of the room happy. GOOD FOR HIM, I say.
> He may have been a confused and troubled young man as some reports have
> claimed--but musically he was secure in his skin, or else he would not have
> sounded as good as he did. With that, I'd like to share this song via a
> youtube clip, that amplifies exactly what I just said--in spades. Put your
> hands together, or hold your nose if you are a card carrying purist (though
> like bigots and racists, they'll rarely own up to it in public), for this
> damn good rendition of Rod Stewart's YOU WEAR IT WELL by Sean Costello &
> band.
> chuck 

Keep on keepin' on ...

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