Get That Gasoline Blues by NRBQ / Stimulus Checks?

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Apr 27 20:59:59 EDT 2008

Give "Get That Gasoline Blues" a listen here .
Aside from being a darn good novelty tune, it does fall (OUCH!) about $2.50
short of being relevant to these times we're all struggling through at the

The contessa reports that business (at the restaurant where she's worked at
some 23 years) is already showing a noticeable decline as patrons pinch
pennies by eating at home -- though the ethanol debacle isn't making that
option nearly as cheap as it used to be. (Henry Ford was a smart man, but
his early vision of ehtanol as a viable fuel source was as wrong in the 20s
as it is now). 

I suspect that clubs and concert venues are probably already feeling the
tightening of the customers fiscal belts, as have (or will) CD vendors, both
in the traditional stores and online outlets (if probably had something to
do with Starbucks steeping back from the music biz).  Look at it this way,
many of you will be getting those ballyhoo'd economic stimulus checks in the
mail any day. Then you will have to decide, do you put it back into the
economy by going out to hear some music, by purchasing some blues, or do you
give it to the oil -- which should be just about enough to cover the
increase at the pump this summer. Any plans for your check that includes the

One suggestion, if I may (without getting cold cocked from down there on the
veranda, and blamed for telling people how to spend their money)...IF you
have anything left over, I imagine that your favorite public or community
radio station that depends on pledges are going to have an especially rough
go at it this quarter, so unless you want to hear ear bleed metal in blues
time slots, you might consider tossing them a bone or two.

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