Fw: Artist Denies Opening for BB King

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Memphis Gold (Chet Chandler) posted this to our local SF Bay Area blues group on Yahoo.  I thought it would engender more comment and interest here.  

I wonder if BB knows how his opening acts are being insulted.  Would he condone such treatment?  It's appalling IMO.   Any organization that can afford BB can certainly afford to pay the opening band better than that.


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The local Blues Society recommended Roy Roberts to open for BB King in
Greensboro, NC. When the coliseum called him to finalize the deal, they
offered him $250.00. They told him it was a great opportunity for him
and some would do it for free. He also was told he couldn't use his horn
section as that might reflect badly on BB's appearance. Roy declined the
offer as he couldn't even pay his basic band the minimum amount he
usually gives them. I think this is such a shame.....$250. 00 to perform
is an insult in my opinion.. Roy has performed for 45 years and this is
his life...all he has ever done. If you don't know him, check out his
web site at www.royrobertsblues .com. www.royrobertsblue s.com

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