NBC Starbucks

Richard Flohil rflohil@sympatico.ca
Sun Apr 27 08:51:19 EDT 2008

I hate Starbucks for THREE reasons. In order of importance:

1) I don't speak Starbucks. Anyone who calls a small coffee a "tall" 
coffee is perverting the Queen's English (a hanging offence). And we 
won't even discuss the innate snobbishness of "vente" and "grande" - 
just who the fuck do they think they ARE?

2) People who serve coffee are, well, servers. Not "baristas."  I'm 
glad they got my pal Patrick's son through school, though.

3) The coffee tastes NASTY.

In Canada, thank god, we have another chain or two. In descending order 
- from upper middle-class to  working folk's nirvana -  we have Second 
Cup, Coffee Time, and that Canadian institution, Tim Hortons (no 
apostrophe). The latter, sadly, is now owned by Wendy's, which I think 
is some sort of American"restaurant" chain that specializes in 

(with the coffee time blues)

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