JazzFest Anyone?

Masahiro Sumori bluesginza96@yahoo.co.jp
Sun Apr 27 04:20:37 EDT 2008

I'm in New Orleans now, will be stay till the end of Jazz
I will probably be around the Blues Tent and Fais Do-Do a
lot. Look for a Japanese guy about 6ft tall. I will be
taking pictures a lot.

Today (Saturday), the weather was miserable, but the
Ponderosa Stomp Revue 
turned out to be pretty hot. The tent was packed with
people seeking
shelter from the heavy rain.
The bad side was the closer, Archie Bell, only could do a
because the Fest was closing early due to the weather.

I hope the weather turns out better tomorrow but the
doesn't look good. Oh well....


MASAHIRO SUMORI  Blues Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
URL: http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/bluesy/

On 2008/04/25, at 13:59, Jimmy Jacobs wrote:
> Anyone going to jazzfest this year?  I'm heading down
next Wednesday and
> really looking forward to seeing two performers that
have been discussed a
> lot on the list- Ruthie Foster and Betty LaVette- for
the first time.  It
> will also be my first opportunity to see Stevie Wonder
live.  Locally,
> Guitar Shorty is in Montgomery tomorrow night - my first
chance to see him,
> too -- and BB is here next Tuesday night.

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