Cadillac Records - The movie

Eric Paul-Hus Blues@CGOCABLE.CA
Sat Apr 26 11:59:31 EDT 2008

I just read in the Saturday paper that  Mos Def was « going from Rap to
Blues” because he will play “legendary Blues master Chuck Berry” (sic) in
the upcoming movie Cadillac Records depicting the 50’s era CHicago including
major icons Leonard Chess and Muddy Waters 
 That’s it: The Blues is Going
mainstream again 
 Are we at the dawn of the upward swing of the 15-20 years
cycle where we go from unknown stashed away Blues Bars featuring US National
Starts to every city over 10,000 having a Blues Festival or Weekend 
1992 there were 4 Blues festivals in 6 weeks in hour driving radius from
 Only one is left and it started when 3 of the 4 where either history
or flailing  


Good news anyways


Leonard Chess: Adrian Brody

Muddy Waters: Jeffrey Wright ( who’s he ?)

Beyoncé: Etta James

Mos Def: Chuck Berry


I wonder if Eddie Murpy and/or Will Smith will do the casting but I sure
pray they find a part for Jaimie Fox maybe Otis Span (J !!!)


Eric, the X-clerk.



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