Jukin' in Clarksdale

Barbara Hammerman TypezWToes@aol.com
Sat Apr 26 01:43:10 EDT 2008

We had a ball!

The Delta Music Experience deep Delta journey with Juke Joint   Fest being at 
the heart of it for 3 days of music and blues education exceeded all 
expectations- Can't agree more with the comments give by others. Wow. You just had to 
be there!   So much packed into so little time.   
The DME group, including aout 18 from the UK, stayed out at Hopson's 
Plantation and the shacks & bins there on that property. We had a few rooms in town 
scattered about as well including the Morgan Freeman suite over Ground Zero. OH 
boy!   Talk about feeling the music!   That room literally ROCKS as long as 
the music plays downstairs.

Do NOT miss the pig races!   I heard the last one was going off at 4 pm so 
left Betsie, Amanda and another friend at Sarah's Kitchen before the food 
arrived at the table to hoof it (pigs foot hoof it>)   over to infront of the Delta 
Blues Museum just in time for the last series of races.   Betting was fiece 
and some guys behind me from Oxford were duking it out for the winning squealer. 

Caught Watermelon Slim at GZ and thought it one of his best.   Our friend 
Anita White who fronts her own Seattle based band, Lady A and the Baby Blues Funk 
Band, was along and hit it off early in the fest with Howl-N-MADD Bill Perry 
who called her up a couple times during his sets at various places.   They 
tore it up together. Great fun!

Enjoyed Johny Rawls and of course Big Jack Johnson down at Reds.

Roger's Cathead Mini Fest the next day was just the perfect coda to the 
larger festival the day before. 

Hope some of you made it in to Bruce Ellis' movie theatre for some of the 
special flicks that were playing that day.

Really loved the small in-store presentations like at Stan Street's fabulous 
Hambone Gallery.   So many memories in such a short bit of time.

Very special thanks to Bill Luckett who worked with Amanda to put on for the 
DME group, and others who happened to be in GZ before the show that night ---a 
unique 1/2 slide show/and video presentation with commentary about Clarksdale 
and the unique area.

Robert Birdsong and Super Chikan!   What a duo to be our musical story 
telling guides through the delta. 

Thanks to all involved who worked so hard to make it an over-the-top weekend! 

Heck - we've already made our reservations for next year. Can't wait!



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