HELP !! I need a name for a new club !

Marty Spaulding / Kalamazoo MI martyspaulding@SBCGLOBAL.NET
Thu Apr 24 23:42:47 EDT 2008

Thanks for all the help ....

so far I think I really like Scotts idea of the long heritage of the 
address numbered clubs ... places like the 1815 and the 708 always did 
stick in my mind, and I actually tracked them both down once upon a time 
(one became a church !)

So I think I'm gonna add "The 411 Club" to the short list and ask a few 
more people before I make an attempt to make up my mind.

We *almost* named the other co-located club (college dance DJ stuff)"The 4-
1-1" when it opened a couple years back ... but ended up going with 
something more contemporary ("The Metro") and our new diner is called 
the "Metropolitan Diner", so this will add the address into that mix and I 
can call the whole mess "The Metroplex", haha.  

Lots of the other ones were good, but that's the idea (so far) that rises 
above the din for me so far.


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