HELP !! I need a name for a new club !
Thu Apr 24 14:46:04 EDT 2008

Marty's Juke Joint
In a message dated 4/24/2008 7:30:58 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

I'd  avoid using anything with the word Zoo in it, unless you are seeking a  
customer base who might regularly attend a place called The Zoo.  What  you'll 
end up with every night is a bunch of people who want to get drunk and  act 
like they live in a zoo.

On the other hand, The  Kalama Zoo is interesting, considering the location.

I'd also avoid using words in the name like Tap, Lounge, Bar, or  anything 
else that insinuates little more than the fact the liquor is sold in  the place. 
 Also avoid using famous people's names.  So, I guess  "Britney's Lounge" 
would be out.  :-)

Chuck  Winans
Chicago, Illinois

BostonMoeJo  <> wrote:
How about "The Zoo?"
Ya  know... The Zoo in Kalamazoo

In a message dated 04/24/08  02:28:59 Eastern Daylight Time, 
martyspaulding@SBCGLOBAL.NET writes:
I'm  opening a new live music venue (not *just* blues, but a good share of 
it  will be) and I have everything except a NAME. 

I usually don't have  this sort of lack of inspiration, but this time I'm 
brain-dead on a name.  

I have a couple I like so far, including "The Blue Flame" (from  Chicagos 
legendary Turners Blue Flame) and The Tick-Tock (stolen from the  Blues 
Brothers movie). 

Does anyone have any memory of great names  from days gone by ? Or other 
cool names I can "borrow" or modify ?  


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