HELP !! I need a name for a new club !

Scott checker758@YAHOO.COM
Thu Apr 24 10:07:26 EDT 2008

Not that it really matters, but the legendary Turner's you refer to below 
was actually "Turner's Blue ROOM" - the "Blue Flame" was a different 
Chicago club.

How about The Hideaway?  The Freddie King song was named after this former 
south side Chicago blues joint.

Other former, semi-legendary Chicago blues club names from the past:

The Hollywood Rendevous


The Plantation (this might go over so well these days.)

The Burning Spear (ditto)

The Sawdust Trail (I never quite understood the name, but a lot of 
legendary Chicago people played there.)

The 1815 Club / The 708 Club, etc.  (There were a good number of places 
simply named after their address, not a bad marketing move actually.)

The Cotton Club (there were at least two of these in Chicago the old days, 
and a third more recent one as well, in addition to the most famous one in 

The Blue Note (similar to the above.)

Del Morrocco (there were a few of these too.)

The Zanzibar

"XXXX's" Corner (it was pretty common to name a club after the owner's 
name this way if it was on a corner.)

There were lots of other names of course, but a lot of them weren't really 
evocative of anything particularly bluesy or even musical - places like 
the Wagon Wheel, The Tay May, etc.

It seems like the most common names for blues clubs used the names of the 
owner (Club DeLisa, Sylio's, etc.), and the second most common used the 

Good luck!


On Thu, 24 Apr 2008 00:45:37 -0400, Marty Spaulding / Kalamazoo MI 
<martyspaulding@SBCGLOBAL.NET> wrote:

>I'm opening a new live music venue (not *just* blues, but a good share of
>it will be) and I have everything except a NAME.
>I usually don't have this sort of lack of inspiration, but this time I'm
>brain-dead on a name.
>I have a couple I like so far, including "The Blue Flame" (from Chicagos
>legendary Turners Blue Flame) and The Tick-Tock (stolen from the Blues
>Brothers movie).
>Does anyone have any memory of great names from days gone by ? Or other
>cool names I can "borrow" or modify ?
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