HELP !! I need a name for a new club !

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 24 05:44:57 EDT 2008

I've got two good ones....the first one is: The Wiggle In !

The second is so good that I think the name alone might generate publicity,
and crowds, almost on its own -- in which case, (if I am right to the
extreme), I would not be opposed to a small taste of the action
<grin>...dddruumm roll please: Bush Ain't Here

Btw, your post a few days ago sure made it sound like an uphill battle being
a club owner. Anything happen between then and now that made you want to
jump up and snatch another slice of that pie?

On Thu, 24 Apr 2008 00:45:37 -0400, Marty Spaulding / Kalamazoo MI
<martyspaulding@SBCGLOBAL.NET> wrote:

>I'm opening a new live music venue (not *just* blues, but a good share of
>it will be) and I have everything except a NAME.
>I usually don't have this sort of lack of inspiration, but this time I'm
>brain-dead on a name.
>I have a couple I like so far, including "The Blue Flame" (from Chicagos
>legendary Turners Blue Flame) and The Tick-Tock (stolen from the Blues
>Brothers movie).
>Does anyone have any memory of great names from days gone by ? Or other
>cool names I can "borrow" or modify ?

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