NBC: DNA Evidence Frees Another Texas Man (23 yrs)

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Apr 16 21:36:32 EDT 2008

Dallas County's distinction of leading the nation in wrongful convictions to
be overturned by indisputable DNA evidence has only been strengthened today,
as the 17th man convicted out of Dallas county has been freed. Thomas
McGowan has been in a Texas prison for 23 years for a crime he did not
commit, but that all ended today when he was given his freedom, and an
apology from the judge.


Equally troubling is that Dallas County holds another ominous title, that of
having had more convicted felons put to death in the last few decades by the
Texas Dept of Criminal Justice. One can only wonder if, or how many, of
those people might have been wrongfully convicted--but whose luck ran out
before science had a chance to help them prove their innocence. I wish I
could sit here and tell you that there is no way that could have happened,
but the over 200 years (so far) served by innocent men convicted out of
Dallas County whose cases were overturned by DNA evidence alone tells me
that would be a foolish position to take.

If God, or your conscience, speaks to you and says that your bucks could
make a difference in freeing other wrongfully convicted people (because they
can), the folks over at the www.innocenceprojectoftexas.org would surely be
glad to see that they were put to good use. That 2nd flat screen for the
gameroom can wait, Justice can't...or shouldn't.

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