Michael P. Miller (2/29/1952 - 4/08/ 2008)

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Thanks Amy. This was a beautiful tribute to Mike.


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  Well, I've been putting off responding about Mike, trying to get my  thoughts 
  together. I'm still so shocked. I read Andy's email 3 times before I  
  comprehended what it said. Then Mike's wife called and left me a voice mail too.  
  Unfortunately I was in bed sick and never heard the phone. I haven't been able  
  to call her back yet but I did email her.
  Mike was sort of the class clown on the Blues-L. He had  a tremendous sense 
  of humor. You could always count on Mike to make us laugh  even in the midst of 
  blues-l turmoil. He often hid his depression and health  issues behind his 
  humor. He had many struggles in life but never gave  up. He was also a good 
  friend to many. And yes, he knew his music well.
  He told me in '06 about his Tourettes and he gave me the link to a  song 
  called "Mistakes Like Me." It was written by a good friend of his  (Melody Guy). 
  He said the song reminded him of how difficult his teen years were  as he 
  suffered from major tics. He said the song makes him cry every time he  hears it. 
  Yes, he was a sensitive soul underneath all of his silliness. The  lyrics are 
  quite touching. Take a listen. He said he wanted to record the song  too. I'm 
  not sure if he did or not.    http://www.myspace.com/melodyguy<http://www.myspace.com/melodyguy>  
  Mike was very excited about competing in the IBC this year. He brought with  
  him his two biggest supporters, his wife Julie and his son Justin. I wish I  
  could post photos with this email so you could see not only Mike, but his wife  
  and son. They were absolutely beaming with pride. I believe Justin took video 
  as  well. I hope we can see it some day. 
  One of the biggest highlights for Mike at the IBC was getting to meet Dick  
  Waterman. He was like a kid meeting his favorite rock star. He was so excited.  
  He wondered if Dick would like him. I assured him he would. I took several  
  photos of them together at the New Daisy Theatre. It was a big thrill for Mike. 
  My last email from Mike was about a month ago. He remembered my birthday  was 
  in March, but wasn't sure of the exact day.  He remembered we were both  
  Pisces. He also sent me his IBC photos and talked about how great it was  that we 
  finally met in person. He said. "It was a gas to meet the real life,  walking, 
  talking Bratgirl! You are cuter than a box of puppies." He ended the  email 
  with a joke as always. He added a link to a short peoples support group.  Im 
  only 5' 1" and I think Mike was only about 5' 6" himself, but he was really a  
  much bigger man to all of us. 


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