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michelle willson
Fri Apr 11 19:23:22 EDT 2008

amen to that, mac.
i remember a clubowner turning us down because we were "too expensive" with the comment " i wouldn't pay that much for a band if jesus christ himself was in it".
there are so many choices for people to spend their time and whatever money they have these days.
many club owners don't seem to understand that they have to advertise advertise advertise and let folks know why they should leave the house and come to their venue, independent of whoever the band is. 
mac, you said it - the place has to be people friendly and the clubowner and the artist have to both do their part.
the first time teo leyasmeyer (rip) brought solomon burke and bernard purdy(!) to the house of blues in cambridge, ma. the place was half full! 
they had done a lot of advertising and there were several feature stories in the papers, but the usual mostly harvard college audience didn't understand why they should pay 20 bucks when they could go across the street and see a bunch of local yahoos play for free. 
so, i think in addition to your good point about the needed cooperation between the band and the clubowner, it's also up to the audience to support quality live music.
there are a lot of excellent people out there who do support live music of all sorts and a lot - well, ok maybe not a lot - of good clubowners doing the same. i'm very grateful for that.
 i also liked lisa's turn the tables attitude; wish there were more agents like you, lisa.
and for the original poster - good idea about contacting the local argentinian community and getting them to come on out.
i wonder if there is a way to find out what parts of the country or of california in particular have the biggest argentinian communities and aim for bookings in those areas?
wishing you good luck w/ this project.
michelle> Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 14:31:16 -0700> From:> Subject: Re: Questions for the group> To: BLUES-L@LISTS.NETSPACE.ORG> > Thanks: Lisa.> I like your Reply I find A few Club owner's or venue people want the band to> do all the promo work. I find if the Club is not a people Friendly place You> can book Jesus there and you wont get a good turn out.> To make A venue Work The Band and the Club Both have to Do> Their Part.> Guitar Mac.>>>>>>>>> > ----- Original Message -----> From: "Lisa Kelly" <>> To: <BLUES-L@LISTS.NETSPACE.ORG>> Sent: Friday, April 11, 2008 1:52 PM> Subject: Re: Questions for the group> > > That seems to be a question every venue asks. As an agent, I like to turn> the tables and I ask when trying to book a band what kind of draw the venue> has. This really screw's them up in most cases, I then explain to them it> is not up to the band entirely to put asses in the seats the venue has to> have some kind of draw as well. I cannot guarantee anything; they could> pack the place out or they could only bring in a handful of people but it is> not up to my bands to provide 100% capacity. Usually works and then end> results are good.> > Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 13:01:46 -0700From: bookings@bourbonroad.comSubject:> Questions for the groupTo: BLUES-L@LISTS.NETSPACE.ORG Hi guys,I have a> couple of questions that I would appreciate your expertise on.First> question: I have a blues artist from Argentina who has contacted mewith an> interest in playing some gigs in Southern California. He isscheduled to play> some Chicago gigs, and was hoping to fly out to Californiato play a few> shows. I generally just book gigs on my own band's behalf,but I told him I'd> be happy to look into it. All the venues that Icontacted (both big & small)> stated that they really would need to know hisdraw. Since this would be his> first "tour" in the U.S., it's anyone's guessas to how many people he could> draw (I was thinking of contacting folks inthe local Argentine community to> see if they would come out to support him).I'm thinking clubs in other parts> of the country might have more of aregular draw, and be interested in seeing> a South American bluesman--is thatthe case in your neck of the woods> (wherever it may be)?> _________________________________________________________________> Going green? See the top 12 foods to eat organic.>> 3A> Blues-L web site:> Archives & web interface:> NetSpace LISTSERV(R) software donated by L-Soft, Inc.> To unsubscribe from BLUES-L, send an email with the message UNSUBSCRIBE> BLUES-L to:> > Blues-L web site:> Archives & web interface:> NetSpace LISTSERV(R) software donated by L-Soft, Inc.> To unsubscribe from BLUES-L, send an email with the message UNSUBSCRIBE BLUES-L to:
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