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Lisa Kelly
Fri Apr 11 16:52:58 EDT 2008

That seems to be a question every venue asks.  As an agent, I like to turn the tables and I ask when trying to book a band what kind of draw the venue has.  This really screw's them up in most cases, I then explain to them it is not up to the band entirely to put asses in the seats the venue has to have some kind of draw as well.  I cannot guarantee anything; they could pack the place out or they could only bring in a handful of people but it is not up to my bands to provide 100% capacity.  Usually works and then end results are good.
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 13:01:46 -0700From: bookings@bourbonroad.comSubject: Questions for the groupTo: BLUES-L@LISTS.NETSPACE.ORG Hi guys,I have a couple of questions that I would appreciate your expertise on.First question: I have a blues artist from Argentina who has contacted mewith an interest in playing some gigs in Southern California. He isscheduled to play some Chicago gigs, and was hoping to fly out to Californiato play a few shows. I generally just book gigs on my own band's behalf,but I told him I'd be happy to look into it. All the venues that Icontacted (both big & small) stated that they really would need to know hisdraw. Since this would be his first "tour" in the U.S., it's anyone's guessas to how many people he could draw (I was thinking of contacting folks inthe local Argentine community to see if they would come out to support him).I'm thinking clubs in other parts of the country might have more of aregular draw, and be interested in seeing a South American bluesman--is thatthe case in your neck of the woods (wherever it may be)?
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