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Wed Apr 9 15:15:15 EDT 2008

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Jeff Healey's musical friends
pay tribute in two celebrations

Ian Gillan, Jack Bruce, Randy Bachman,
Colin James, David Wilcox among 30
artists to take part in Toronto concerts

Jeff Healey's contributions to the worlds of rock, blues and jazz will be celebrated in two Toronto concerts on May 3 and 4.
        The first concert will be held at the Sound Academy (formerly The Docks) on Saturday May 3, and will include performances from former Cream vocalist and bass player Jack Bruce, Deep Purple's Ian Gillan, Randy Bachman, Colin James, David Wilcox, Greg Godovitz, Alannah Myles, and Matt Minglewood, among many others.
      Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards will open the show, while Jeff Healey's Blues Band, the four-piece group which played with Healey both at the Toronto club that carries his name and on numerous international tours, will support the wide array of guest artists.
  Additional artists will be announced in the near future.

Jazz bands join with U.S. guests

The second event, which celebrates Healey's parallel career in the classic jazz world, will be held Sunday May 4 at Jeff Healey's Roadhouse. Seven bands - and several of Healey's special friends from the United States - are among the musical guests.  Friends from south of the border include Marty Grosz, Brad Kay and Vince Giordano.
        Jeff Healey's Jazz Band Ball follows the format - and shares the name - with a successful event Healey hosted at the Palais Royale in Toronto last summer, but this time with a larger roster of traditional and classic jazz bands from Toronto.
        Cristie Healey, Jeff's wife, who has helped organize the two shows, said she was touched by the way so many members of the musical community, both in Toronto and internationally, had shown such enthusiasm and support for the upcoming events. 
        "This has been a great reminder for Jeff's family and close circle of friends of how many people were touched by Jeff and his music.  I think we have assembled an incredible collection of talent, and created two shows that Jeff would love.  The shows will provide a great way for his friends and fans to pay tribute to his memory, and support a cause that was so very important to Jeff."
        Funds raised at both concerts will be donated to the Daisy's Eye Cancer Fund and to The Healey Family Trust.

Full details of the events are listed below:

Saturday May 3 - Jeff Healey: A celebration

What: A rock and roll and blues tribute to the late Jeff Healey
Where: The Sound Academy (formerly The Docks), 11 Polson St.
When: Saturday May 3, 2008. Doors at 6.30 p.m., show starts at 7.30 p.m.
Who: (Alphabetical order)

        Randy Bachman
   Jimmy Bowskill
  Jack Bruce
      Alan Frew
       Ian Gillan
      Jerome Godboo
   Greg Godovitz
   Jeff Healey's Blues Band
        Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards
      Chuck Jackson
   Colin James 
    Danny Marks 
    Matt Minglewood
Alannah Myles
   Rob Quail
       Joe Rockman
     Pat Rush
        Tony Springer
   David Wilcox
        (and other guests to be announced)

How much: $45.00 in advance at TICKETBREAK on-line: or by phone at 1 866-9-GET-TIX (943-8849), or at the door (if available) $50.00.

NOTE: Tickets will go on sale at 10.00 a.m., Friday April 11

Sunday May 4: Jeff Healey's Jazz Band Ball

What: Toronto's jazz community celebrates Jeff Healey at an all ages concert event (hopefully with a bit of room for dancing!)
Where: Jeff Healey's Roadhouse, Blue Jays Way
When: Sunday May 4, 2008.  Doors at 3 p.m., show starts at 4 p.m.
Who: (in alphabetical order)
        Climax Jazz Band
        Grande Bouche Swingtette
        Vince Giordano
  Marty Grosz
     The Happy Pals
  Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards with Terra Hazleton
  Hot Five Jazzmakers
     Brad Kay
        Rainbow Gardens Orchestra
       Mose Scarlett with Chris and Ken Whiteley
       Shakura S'Aida
  Silverleaf Jazzband

How much: $35.00 in advance at TICKETBREAK on-line: or by phone at 1 866-9-GET-TIX (943-8849), or at the door (if available) $40.00.

NOTE: Tickets will go on sale at 10.00 a.m., Friday April 11


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April 9/2008

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