PLAYLIST: w/Chris Bergson Live

Mon Apr 7 10:33:15 EDT 2008

PLAYLIST: # 1 at & at WFDU in the NYC
PLAYLIST: www.SoundsofBlue. com - Still # 1 in Blues @ !
And the blues is alright in the NYC area as now the Sounds of Blue is
the most pledged to radio program at WFDU, which offers a wide-range
of diverse programming. Plus the Sounds of Blue shattered the 20+
year all-time record at WFDU for pledges, by bringing in almost
$20,000 in donations, 20% of the station's entire goal!
And if you get the MSG Cable Network, check out Bob Putignano, Bob Porter,
Anthony DeCurtis & Bob Weir making comments about Martin Scorsese's
"Lightning In a Bottle"  Air-times are tonight 4/7 @ 7:30pm, Tuesday 4/8 at
noon, and Monday 4/30 @ 7:30pm
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The Sounds of Blue is the most listened Blues radio program at
To listen, go to:
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This broadcast features birthday tributes to: Eric Clapton (63,) Leon
Russell (65,) Tom Shipley of Brewer & Shipley (67,) and so much more!
-Plus 2 tracks to kick off the baseball season by: McKinley Mitchell
with Willie Dixon's Blues All-Stars, and Sam & Dave.
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Playlist are available at: http://www.Soundsof
And for todays playlist go to:\
Or scroll down below for the complete list of all that was played
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-This 3 hour show will air 2 times daily starting today at 3pm and
-will be repeated at 5:30am (eastern times)
-Additionally the Sounds of Blue Wednesday also airs at the same link at 3:00pm & 5:30am
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-Bob Putignano's reviews and articles are now appearing in Blueswax
-Upcoming interview articles by Bob Putignano are in depth in-person
interviews that will feature; Jerry Wexler, Ronnie Earl, Toni Price,
Cosimo Matassa, and Gino Matteo.
+ CD reviews coming too; Rhino's double CD: Sean Costello, "Stax Does
the Beatles," "Soulsville Sings Hitsville," Deborah Coleman, Ronnie
Earl, Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Solos, Sessions, and Encores, The Zen
Blues Quartet, and The Cosimo Matassa Story box set.
++ Coverage of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
Check out It's free!
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When you can checkout the weekly on-line Blues Chart at: blues
This blues chart is updated every Thursday, and it is based on
playlists of blues reporting stations:
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Fresh & new "Sounds of Blue" programs are updated at
every Monday & Wednesday!
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A very big thank you to
who selected The Sounds of Blue as one of their <8> best radio
stations for 2006, and as DJ of the month for October.
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Bob Putignano's Sounds of Blue is now the most listened to station
at WFDU with over 114,000 listeners in the NYC area via WFDU-FM
89.1, and streams live at every -Every Monday from 6-
9am & Wednesday from 9am-1pm
Re-broadcasted at:
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And at "Sounds of Blue" is now <# 1 > most listened to
blues program, <29th> overall genres, with over <1,780> internet
listeners who have selected the "Sounds of Blue" as their favorite
preset station, at
-There are over 10,000 stations broadcasting at
To listen to the Sounds of Blue- click:
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For playlist's, upcoming interview's, free giveaways, articles &
reviews, and more info go to:
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Check out the birthday lookup- either my artist name or by date
at: http://bluesandjazz
It's free!
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*Artists CD submissions for airplay- snail mail to:
Bob Putignano 134 Overlook St. Mount Vernon NY 10552 or email Bob at:
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***Are you a musician or band looking for nationwide radio
airplay? For more info email:
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Top New Spins (Recent Releases) for April 7th
Artist Spins CD Title Label
-Grateful Dead 6 Winterland 1973-The Complete Rec.
-Steve Winwood 1 Nine Lives Columbia
-Chris Bergson 4 Fall Changes
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The Entire 3 hour Sounds of Blue for April 7th
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Artist Track Name CD Title Label
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6:00am Flashback Hour: More Hallucinations on Wednesday 10-11:00am
------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -
-Grateful Dead 6 Winterland 1973-The Complete Rec.
Steve Winwood 1 Nine Lives Columbia
Chris Bergson 4 Fall Changes
The Complete 3 hours of the Sounds of Blue Monday 4/7/2008   
Artist Track CD Title Label
6:00am Flashback Hour - More Hallucinations on Wed. 10-11am 
-Grateful Dead Weather Report Suite Winterland 1973-The Compete Rec.
-Grateful Dead Here Comes Sunshine Winterland 1973-The Compete Rec.
-Lowell George (birthday #63) Good Lovin' w/The Dead Shakedown St. Expanded
-Grateful Dead Mexicali Blues Winterland 1973-The Compete Rec.
-Grateful Dead Eyes of the World Winterland 1973-The Compete Rec.
-Grateful Dead Big River Winterland 1973-The Compete Rec.
-John Kay (birthday #64) The Pusher-Steppenwolf Easy Rider Soundtrack MCA
-Steve Winwood Dirty City Nine Lives Columbia
-Joel Dorn (birthday #66) Beaux J. Poo Poo-Les McCann Invitation to
Openness Label M- Atlantic
-Joel Dorn (birthday #66) Set Us Free-Les McCann & Eddie Harris Second
Movement Label M- Atlantic
-Joel Dorn (birthday #66) Please Call Home  Beginnings-Allman Brothers Polygram
-Joel Dorn (birthday #66) Never Say Naw With a Lotta Help From My Friends
-Joel Dorn (birthday #66) The Clincher House of David-Fathead Newman
-Joel Dorn (birthday #66) Thanks You Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Again With a
Lotta Help From My Friends Atlantic-Collectables
-Chris Bergson Interview&Performance Gowenus Heights Fall Changes
-Chris Bergson Interview&Performance Fall Changes Fall Changes
-Chris Bergson Interview&Performance Float Your Mind Live at WFDU
-Chris Bergson Interview&Performance When I Paint My Masterpiece Fall
-Chris Bergson Interview&Performance Rain Beating Down Live at WFDU
-Chris Bergson Interview&Performance Latitude Fall Changes
-Grateful Dead Tennessee Jed  Winterland 1973-The Compete Rec.
-Mongo Santamaria Cold Sweat Anthology Rhino
-Joel Dorn (birthday #66) Don’t Rush Us With a Lotta Help From My Friends
-Crusaders Scratch <closing theme> Scratch Blue Thumb-Verve

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