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Muddy was my gateway into the blues - the first live blues show I ever saw, 
and it set a standard for me that all these years later has never been 
topped.  To to say that show change the course of my life is an 

ANyway, a couple of corrections to the (otherwise excellent) info below:

- It's been pretty well documented at this point that Muddy was actually 
born in 1913, not 1915. On his marriage license in the 1930s and on his 
musicians union card in the 1940s, Muddy gave 1913 as his year of birth. He 
also told Paul Oscher he was born in 1913. It was only after he became well-
known in the 1950s that he shaved a couple of years off and gave 1915.

- Although all the musicians listed below did appear on recordings with 
Muddy at one time or another, it's not really accurate to say they 
all "passed through The Muddy Waters Band", since several of them - Willie 
Dixon, Buddy Guy, Matt Murphy, and Fred Below - were never in his regular 
working band, and didn't work for or with Muddy except when hired by 
Leonard Chess to back him in the recording studio. The connection to Earl 
Hooker even looser - although they're on a record together ("You Shook 
Me"), they were never even in the studio together; Muddy's vocals were 
overdubbed onto an instrumental record that had been released earlier as an 
Earl Hooker single. 


On Fri, 4 Apr 2008 11:39:14 -0500, Walter Potter <maxdog-blues-
l@COMCAST.NET> wrote:

>The great Muddy Waters was born Mckinley Morganfield on April 4,
>1915 in Rolling Fork, MS. Muddy Waters is arguably the single most
>important and influential Blues artist in the genre's history, and
>absolutely in Chicago Blues history. Muddy was a great songwriter and
>song interpreter, a great band leader, a superb slide guitarist and
>vocalist and the patriarch of post-war Chicago Blues.
>The list of musicians that passed through the Muddy Waters Band
>is a who's who of Chicago Blues icons. Guitarists Jimmy Rogers, Pat
>Hare, Luther Tucker, Earl Hooker, Buddy Guy, Sammy Lawhorn, M.T.
>Murphy, Luther "Snake Boy" Johnson, Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson; harp
>players Little Walter Jacobs, Junior Wells, James Cotton, Big Walter
>Horton, Carey Bell and George "Harmonica" Smith; bassist Willie Dixon;
>drummers Elgin Evans, Fred Below, and Francis Clay are but a few of
>the Chicago Blues luminaries that played with the Blues' most
>prestigious band.

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