Elvis Is Forbes' Richest Dead Celebrity

c. n. cnevitt@hotmail.com
Wed Oct 31 20:24:36 EDT 2007

Here's a scenario from the severely warped corner. He likely would have 
started hanging out with more of the black musicians, started smoking a 
whole of lot of weed (innocent enough vs those damn narcotics, imo), and eat 
peanut butter and banana sandwiches one after the other--gaining all that 
weight he had in the early 70s about 10 or 15 years earlier....giving away 
Corvairs instead of Caddies.

>From: "E. Willett" <Unklegeo@msn.com>
>And it leaves us to wonder...What would that tough Tupelo-Born, 
>Memphis-bred kid have done, if Col. Tom, and the motion pictures hadn't 
>co-opted his life?
>     George
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>   Now Fred, be nice. That Memphis based chafing/redness can be
>   soothed/medicated with a few shakes of that talcum powder following a 
>   cool shower. That's right, you're way down there in the southwest...corn
>   starch is probably around there where you are.
>   Let's face it, those very early releases by Elvis were nothing but blues
>   covers. And as much, some may insist, a testament to the power of the 
>   as to Elvis's talent. Or him being at the right place at the right time.
>   Myself, I kinda liked the guy. Still do. Especially those real early 
>   covers. Maybe it's just the nostalgia element, because when I was just a 
>   one my mom said that Elvis was just breaking out all over the radio (in
>   NC)...and then I grew up with the Ed Sullivan show every Sunday. That's 
>   excuse, and I'm sticking to it till it changes.
>   What happened after that, well, to deny that it was a special phenom, 
>   still is, of both pop music and culture is to deny the obvious. A thing 
>   obvious to most of us as the nose on our face.  Just like the Beatles. 
>   Armstrong. Britney Spe...wtf, how'd in the hell did that get in there!
>   chuck
>   >From: Fred Dabney <fdabney@nmsu.edu<mailto:fdabney@nmsu.edu>>
>   >Something is seriously wrong with our value systems
>   >
>   >>
>   >>     (10-30) 15:07 PDT New York (AP) --        Elvis Presley is still 
>   >>King. Presley, who earned an estimated $49 million in the past 12 
>   >>has reclaimed the No. 1 spot on Forbes.com's list of Top-Earning Dead
>   >>Celebrities. He last topped the list in 2005.
>   >>
>   >>    John Lennon ranks second with earnings of $44 million, followed by
>   >>Charles M. Schulz ($35 million), George Harrison ($22 million), Albert
>   >>Einstein ($18 million), Andy Warhol ($15 million), Theodor Geisel (Dr.
>   >>Seuss) ($13 million), Tupac Shakur ($9 million), Marilyn Monroe ($7
>   >>million), Steve McQueen ($6 million), James Brown ($5 million), Bob 
>   >>($4 million) and James Dean ($3.5 million).
>   >>
>   >>    Presley died in 1977. His estate continues to generate millions 
>   >>music royalties, DVDs, licensing deals and tourism at Graceland, the
>   >>rocker's mansion in Memphis, Tenn.
>   >>    Forbes said the celebrities on the list, posted Monday, earned a
>   >>combined $232 million in the past 12 months.
>   >>

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