Mikey Jr & Band

Blue Stew mail@bluestew.com
Tue Oct 30 13:23:57 EDT 2007

For most of the time, the main complaint I have on young talent is their 
"over-the-top" factor. I mean, they over state everything from stage 
antics, facial contortions, vocal screams to blistering fast blues 
scales. This young talent seems to have already got it out of his system 
and now plays with the taste and finesse of a middle-aged, seasoned pro. 
I like his name too.
mike (the original Hey...Mikey likes it!) jr.

c.n. wrote:
> When the atty I am working with on the DNA Blues Ball told me she wanted to
> bring down this band called Mikey Jr (whom she had befriended at one of
> those Memphis award deals), well, I was apprehensive at first. Maybe it was
> the name. Sounded more like a cereal commercial about the kid who would eat
> anything. Once again, without any effort, I go and prove my own self
> wrong....by not remembering what Bo Diddley sang a long time ago, "You Can't
> Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover." (nor, kind folks, by the title).
> Here's the 1st MP3 that I heard, and the one who put my mind at ease...
> http://tinyurl.com/2z6xgv

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