NBC: Edirol R-09 on Ebay

Steve Ahola steveahola@ca.astound.net
Tue Oct 30 04:58:47 EDT 2007

Walter Potter wrote:

> Stan Erhart wrote:
>> Aha, new firmware.  You'd think they'd update their spec page to fit.  
>> Not sure if I'll run out and get an 8 gig card yet. :)
> The one I saw Saturday had that "its new enough to not have much 
> competition and we'll charge whatever we want for it" price on it. I 
> paid about $42 for my 4GB card (they are cheaper on eBay of course), if 
> I remember correctly Best Buy wanted $129 for the 8GB. I didn't notice 
> what speed card it was though.
> The Zoom H2 will record wav files at a maximum of 98kHz/24bit or in 4 
> channel mode at a max of 48kHz/24bit. A bigger card would be necessary 
> to record a full night at those rates without having to change cards. So 
> far I'm sticking to 44.1kHz/24bit. The only way I use its ability to 
> record straight to MP3 is if I was recording a lecture or something and 
> even then it would depend on who and what.


I've seen on-line references to problems using some SD cards for
recording, so you may want to stick with the 4GB cards that are working
okay for you- at least until there is a better track record on the 8GB
cards for audio recording.

You can get a lot more recording time at 16 bit (the same as CDs) but
you lose the great headroom of 24 bit. MP3's might be good for a backup
recording of an all-day event- like the Summer of Love Reunion concert
in Golden Gate Park last month- but you'd definitely want to record your
favorite bands in WAV format.

I was looking to replace my aging M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 with a Zoom
H4 because it will work with a pair of full-sized condenser mikes
without needing to use an external preamp (as would be necessary with
the H2). But in checking out the links to Core Sound I see that M-Audio
is releasing a new version of the MicroTrack 24/96 with some of the bad
points corrected (like supplying a full 48 volts for phantom power) and
hopefully a better internal battery pack- $259 plus $9.50 priority
shipping. Although the webpage quoted an October 22, 2007 shipping date,
I called them up and it won't be available until the middle of November.


Although the original MicroTrack 24/96 had many problems and quirks, I
believe that it produced the clearest recordings at that price level,
either with the included "cheapie" T-mike or with external microphones.
(Of course the $1700 Sony microrecorder is going to do a much better job).

Steve Ahola

P.S. IMO Best Buy *isn't* for computer accessories <g>, except when they
are having a sale. For a lot of that stuff I'd stay away from anonymous
sellers on ebay, unless the price is just ridiculously low. I think
there are less hassles if you deal with a store- either on-line or
brick'n'mortar. For starters they should have an 800 number that you can
call if you have any problems and they should get back to within a
reasonable amount of time (I'd give them 24 hours, except for the
weekend). One thing I've noticed on ebay is that a lot of the seller
will try to jack up the shipping charge since they don't pay a
commission on that to ebay (the commission is based on the selling
price). The legitimate stores just want to move their merchandise so
they'll usually offer a decent price with a reasonable amount for shipping.

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