I Found An Organ Player For The DNA Blues Ball

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 29 21:18:19 EDT 2007

After repeated failed attempts at establishing contact with Red Young
(currently on the road with Eric Burdon), I decided to look elsewhere for an
organ player for the DNA Blues Ball, and think I found just the cat. I am
hiring The Greyhounds, based out of Austin. The organ player just happens to
be Jay Moeller's roomie, so Jay will be doing a set with Andrew and Anthony,
and then they join the Moeller brothers, along with Denny Freeman, as the
"house band" backing most of the other acts that evening. So far that list
includes the afore mentioned, Wanda King, Candye Kane, Cheryl Arena, Zac
Harmon, and the Mikey Jr Blues Band. All for a mere $30 (general admission,
so get your tickets soon, and your butt in a seat early). We may even have a
special guest or two. ;) For ticket info, go to http://wwwdnabluesball.org .
If you find a better entertainment value for the bucks, go there...and I
will not blame you a bit.

Btw, checkout the 3 songs up on the Greyhound's myspace sight. I think
you'll agree that they'll be bringing some good hot sauce to the evening's


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