NBC: Edirol R-09 on Ebay

Walter Potter maxdog-blues-l@COMCAST.NET
Mon Oct 29 16:29:48 EDT 2007

Stan Erhart wrote:
> Aha, new firmware.  You'd think they'd update their spec page to fit.  
> Not sure if I'll run out and get an 8 gig card yet. :)

The one I saw Saturday had that "its new enough to not have much 
competition and we'll charge whatever we want for it" price on it. I 
paid about $42 for my 4GB card (they are cheaper on eBay of course), if 
I remember correctly Best Buy wanted $129 for the 8GB. I didn't notice 
what speed card it was though.

The Zoom H2 will record wav files at a maximum of 98kHz/24bit or in 4 
channel mode at a max of 48kHz/24bit. A bigger card would be necessary 
to record a full night at those rates without having to change cards. So 
far I'm sticking to 44.1kHz/24bit. The only way I use its ability to 
record straight to MP3 is if I was recording a lecture or something and 
even then it would depend on who and what.
Keep on keepin' on ...

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