NBC: Edirol R-09 on Ebay

Joel Fritz willie_mctell@comcast.net
Mon Oct 29 15:46:51 EDT 2007

I've been looking at the Zoom H2.  How do you like it?

Stan Erhart wrote:
> Aha, new firmware.  You'd think they'd update their spec page to fit.  
> Not sure if I'll run out and get an 8 gig card yet. :)
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> To: Stan Erhart
> Subject: Re: NBC: Edirol R-09 on Ebay
> Stan Erhart wrote:
>> "the new models will take up to a 32GB SDHC card."
>> Walter, Roland's R-09 spec page says 4 gig cards are the limit.  I 
>> think this is pretty accurate.  The first models could handle 2 gig 
>> cards, but the current firmware, which can be applied to the early 
>> models also, allows it to use 4 gig cards.  Plus the firmware gives 
>> you more power saving options.  I don't think they've made any 
>> changes to the original model other than firmware.  The device was 
>> made so well to start with, it's enjoying a longer than average life 
>> span for a digital product.  To get current specs, follow this link, 
>> then click on the spec page...
>> http://www.tiny.cc/rIeFN
> I don't remember where I read that but I did. Edirol's own site in one 
> place states:
> This is the latest version of the R-09 operating system. Please refer 
> to the "R-09UpdateReadMe.pdf" for the update procedure.
> V.1.30 Update Adds:
>     * Support for up to 8GB SDHC memory cards
> http://www.rolandus.com/products/productdetails.aspx?ObjectId=757&ParentId=114 
> So even their own literature is a bit confusing.
> Maybe 32GB is the theoretical limit for SDHC, I don't know for sure. I 
> visited the site of the SD Card Association (http://www.sdcard.org) 
> and they are remarkedly uninformative. I do know that the stats my 
> Zoom H2 at first was limited to 2GB and now says 4GB. But indications 
> are that is just the limits of what they have tested so far. I have a 
> 4GB card in mine and it works fine. I did see an 8GB card at Best Buy 
> on Saturday but the price was too high for me. I could have gotten 
> three "on sale" 4GB cards for the price.
> Ah, here's the answer, good old Webopedia has this to say about SDHC:
> http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/S/SDHC.html
> Short for Secure Digital High Capacity, SDHC is a type of flash memory 
> card based on the SDA 2.00 specification. The SDA 2.00 specification 
> enables SD cards to reach higher capacities from 4GB to 32GB, and 
> growing. SDHC uses a new technology, and as such these cards are not 
> backwards compatible with SD format devices. SDHC uses a defined 3 
> speed class system to help consumers with the different data transfer 
> speed (DTS) and performance minimum requirements;
>     * Class 2: minimum sustained DTS of 2MB/sec
>     * Class 4: minimum sustained DTS of 4MB/sec
>     * Class 6: minimum sustained DTS of 6MB/sec
> The SD Specification Version 2.0 for the SDHC memory card was 
> established by the SD Card Association (SDA).
> Were the first R-09's SDHC compatible or just regular SD card? I can't 
> remember but I the update would seem to indicate they were SDHC.

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