NBC: Edirol R-09 on Ebay

Walter Potter maxdog-blues-l@COMCAST.NET
Mon Oct 29 08:28:05 EDT 2007

c.n. wrote:
> As Walter mentioned, his (and many others) choice for a small portable
> recorder these days is the Edirol R-09. Who knows, with features like this
> unit has it may have the Deadheads mothballing their trusty old Walkmans and
> movin' forward.
> I found a seller on ebay who (most importantly) has loads of excellent
> feedback, and is selling new (not refurbs) R-09's for $309 via Buy It Now.
> Reasonable shipping price too. As a point of reference they are advertised
> on Amazon right now as being on sale for $399, or in that neighborhood.

I don't know what makes the difference between the first models and the 
latest ones, it might be just a firmware update, but the new models will 
take up to a 32GB SDHC card. I haven't even seen a 32GB card for sale 
yet, the biggest I've seen personally is 8GB but who knows waht will be 
just around the corner ... or just around Xmas season. If I remember 
correctly, the firsts R-09's were advertised to top out at 4GB. A 4GB 
card will give about 6 hours of recording time in CD quality (or a 
smidge better) wav format so a 32GB might hold as much as 48 hours worth 
of recordings. That's more than your average festival, if they'll let 
you record. Amazing devices!

Keep on keepin' on ...

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