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Barbara Hammerman
Sun Oct 28 16:22:45 EDT 2007

In a message dated 10/28/07 1:12:28 PM, writes:

> i Pam!!  Yep, you were definitely one of the earliest chatters.   :-)
> re:  days of BUNS   Don't remember who I 'patted', but I DO remember the Kim
> Wilson "pinch pinch" dialogues and still have the pinch-pinch photos
> somewhere (courtesy of Toez at the Coach House, San Juan Capistrano.  Toez,
> remember the Wilson twins - Kim and Smokey?  LOL!)
> Bev.

Oh Yes Mam I shore do!

[ok -WARNING! Toez Decoder ring now required for the following.Glad you still 
have yours PAM]

back in thoes dyas befoer s[pelcheck and evear better laptpo keybroads, this 
amight have beenw hat our early day blueschat room toezienisms mgiaht have 
lookded like.

yep. 1994/95....wasa when i startded inflicting myself on teh unwary 

Our MizHippieLady was a trailbalzer...hmmm BALZER?!   ahaha i like that.. 
ok.... trailblazer in teh online chat phenomena.

That   Coachhouse, upstairs-backstage Kim Wilson pinchpinch photo is a true 

--Toez--who now is wandering down the Blues Chat memory lane..........

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